Friday, May 18, 2007

Flat out like a lizard drinking

What a week! Yesterday it was just me at the library, and I tell you, I could've been organising troops to go into battle, whipping up a chocolate cheesecake and organising a surprise birthday and keep a smile on my face. Actually I was just supervising, making sure everyone went where they were supposed to and organising hot drinks for teachers, so slightly less busy than the scenario above. But not much. Also I have been getting a lift home from this really really lovely teacher who I work with. I've been getting home at 4pm. That just hacked a 2 hours out of my day... I'm still in shock when I look at the time when I get home (the cat gets a shock too lol)

Thank you to everyone who wrote me lovely comments! I swear every time I look at the comments and I want to sing 'I got comments, I got comments! I got comments hey hey hey!'. So party all round. Good karma and all that.

Anyway I've not done much craftiness. But I have plans for that saved bus fare... and it involves the op shop. Funness!


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