Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Whip it, whip it good!

Hey everyone! Hope you are going well! You know how I joined those yahoo! groups? Well I thought I had better actually do some embroidering. So here goes.

Timeline. Friday night, started about 10:30pm, finished 11:30pm

my first CQ block, ready for embroidery.

I made the pic rather small for the purpose of obscuring the rather large, *ahem* mistakes. I really didn't plan this block well, I went with the concept of spontaneity and just winged it. The only downside to this approach are the rather occasional bits of topstitching to keep things down.

secondly, this is what I achieved after a good sit down with the cat and Eurovision (Ukraine, you have just sold me a cd)
CQ block with some embroidery.


I inadvertently made the cat whilst watching 'Gentlemen prefer blondes' (still have the music in my head) and was practicing some split stitching. It was chance (or my psyche) that led to that shape. Sweet huh?

Buttons to cover mistake and some more buttonhole stitch! Just some practice with buttonhole stitching. This stitch is so versatile as anyone who has been here will testify.

Buttonhole stitch with whipping on top!

Whipped buttonhole stitch. I quite like the short and long spikes. Sort of remind me of piano keys in a way. And of course those whipped stitches.

Also! Ive been tagged for a Meme by the lovely pixiefarts. I have to list seven random things about me. Now to get thinking....

1. When I created the nic 'librarylass' I envisioned a whole comic strip with comic characters as 'full stop boy' and 'Book Woman' and 'the evil colon of doom'. If its corny, I dig it.
2. Like the stereotype, I wear glasses, and sad to say, blind as a bat without them.
3. I am the biggest wimp when it comes to winter. I am always the first to be wearing a cardigan.
4. I have a million and one secret plans for when I get a car, and consequently, take over the world.
5. If people annoy me, I can hold up a suprisingly solid argument on controversial topics.
6. I have the noisiest, fattest cat around, Toby the burmese cat. But feel free to call him 'Tobi wan kanobi', Mi gato, 'brat cat'. He understands them all.
7. I want to go skydiving in New Zealand as a way of seeing the beautiful landscape. The travel is just not going to happen until point 4.

Now for the hard part. Tagging people. Okay, I tag Aussiepatches, Craft and Chaos, fitknit, Random Knits, My sis, Rose Red and Crumpart. I had a real struggle, thinking who I could harass, and who might or might not actually do this (versus having done it)



JK said...

Hon, you are well on your way! I love that flamingo, so whimsical. Keep on working hon, and before you know it, you will be a master at CQ.

Lindsay said...

I've done the Meme now, thanks for tagging me. Your embroidery is looking great. Are you planning to make a quilt, or go smaller with cushions or art? Or is an as yet undecided piece?

Jo in NZ said...

Hey LL (that's short for Library Lass, of course, I feel I can call you that as I know you so well...lol)
Great to see you have joined us in the crazy endeavour. Looking good so far.
Hey, thanks for the great link in the sidebar, I do feel special.

Jessica said...

Hi Librarylass,
It seems I should just go ahead and buy some knits....... now I just need to convince the budget;p

Have fun with the embroidery.

Hayles (aka H-Bomb) said...

I don't knit but I think your hot can i have your number?

your affectionate beanie collector,
haze xx

Hayles (aka H-Bomb) said...

p.s. that last post was a joke. raph is standing RIGHT BEHIND ME
*play psycho music* catch you soon chica

hunnybunny said...

No offence taken, in fact I've proven myself to be quite the flake. I've been fighting off some kind of virus, and functioning thoughts have apparently become more difficult for me than I was aware. Sorry. And now that I am clearly thinking I want to let you know I'm quite envious of the fact that you have a Burmese cat, I've wanted once since I was 5. I hope you have a great weekend.