Saturday, May 12, 2007

A very overdue update!

Am on the sister's lappie at present, however she has given me her blessing for an update. So first things first. How I fought the beanie pattern and won. You know the book 'Hip to knit' by Judith Schwartz? Wonderful book, first book I bought (with my meagre budget, it was a real luxury!) and most of the patterns are wonderful. A lot of the patterns openly encourage you to seek out different fibres to change the look of a pattern. to date the only problem I have found in the book comes from a pattern that non knitting people want to wear. I'm talking the fat hats. I need to haul my camera up to Bris one day and show you my attempt (as a terrified newbie) following a pattern that didn't make sense (and no stitch markers!) making this hat. I assumed all problems stemmed from my newbieness (Yes and no). Anyway, bring on the Rockie music and see this baby finished! On my lovely sister (she claimed it during construction)

beanie action shot
ACTION SHOT! If you look super duper closely, You can almost see the cable where I decided to change the cable different directions and then realised my mistake several rows up. Frogging this stuff is a nightmare. You might also like to observe in the action shot that the cables are on either side of the hat, which doesn't look half as nice as the shot below, where the cables are beautifully spaced.

beanie closeup
Voila. This is how said beanie is supposed to look, albeit with tassles (on in sis's case, pom poms) on the edges.

In conclusion to the beanie pattern, it still needs tweaking (I need to figure out some maths-y way to get all the cables evenly apart AND leave room for a seam AND keep the moss stitch thing going.)

The next thing I want to show you is this absolutely freaking adorable book that I just got! (it was getting culled from the library, = free book = no budget breaker).

This cute book aims to teach young children how to use the library, but it was printed in the 60's so they used card catalogs then (ie didn't use computers)
cute outdated book!

Look! typed catalogue cards!

I've made these pics bigger so you can see the detail! Oh, and Get the Librarian!
Get the librarian -1

Will somebody PLEASE think of the children!
Get the librarian!

adios everyone! until next time!


Hayles (aka H-Bomb) said...

Hey sis,

very cool (if a little craft-nutty) blog you have happening here. I love the beanie. But it still needs some distinctive appendage to be appended to each corner.
I'm not much into splogging much either at the moment. so much to do, so little time etc etc. I am keen to see another post from you though...

p.s. can you send me the 'action shot'?

on a final note: save me, sally the librarian! I'm stuck in English literature again, when I belong in 'leisure time'!

love haze

Coley said...

I was tagged. So I tag you.