Tuesday, May 1, 2007

*enter expletive here*

I am about to be in the throes of my latest and quickest assignment. Quickest because I have two weeks to do a 2000 word essay that I realised I had the details the whole time (and NOT waiting on a lecturer to deliver them) my reaction? EXPLETIVE. The assignment is about digitisation and the future of libraries, or, will I have a job in twenty years? The answer is yes by the way. But yes in 2000 words would be better. Yikes.

Anyway I have decided on a good analogy about life, or more importantly, work. Work is like tea. You see there are different types of tea for pretty much every job, sleepytime, earl grey, a zillion different takes on chai. So that's the first part of the analogy. Got it? Great. Moving on.

Tea is a combination of a stack of things everyone needs to survive, and thus, work with, I mean who doesn't work with a few different fruits? I can easily name a prune, a grape, and the exotic ones you never knew existed. Also milk (can't find a meaning for this one, but allow it to be like you je ne sais qua (sp?) or your 'Godot' if you will.) And sugar, sweet sweet sugar which is the thing that makes your day bearable, and even pleasant (or super duper good, can't rule that one out) and water. No analogy for water either, go nuts trying though. How it works is this, you have your tea, now you CAN have too much tea, and you can have no tea (dole bludgers) but generally tea in moderate quantities has health benefits. See where I am going? NO? Neither do I but lets continue.

At the moment I have been enjoying my tea, everything is in the right balance, maybe a little short on the sugar but okay. Perhaps I needed the tea to be stronger, and actually do some work that isn't repairing (an occasionally fun but somewhat disappointing/frustrating task at times) and some more gutsy library stuff. Failing that, I wish I'd get paid to do this assignment. That would be good gutsy tea. (But no fruit, assignment work is a lonely task, alas)

So if you think that doesn't make sense, let me reassure you it made PERFECT sense in the midst of a Bowen therapy session (I go to a wonderful woman who does the BEST job! if you want her details, email me privately, I highly HIGHLY recommend her!).

Until next time

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