Monday, April 30, 2007

A cold and lonely night in Santa Fe

Okay so today's title is just another tripod lyric, has absolutely no bearing on what I am going to say, but it is amusing nonetheless. I hope.

First things first, the pirate party I was so excited about was a blast. I dressed as a dag, and discovered everyone else made a real effort. Also a LOT of English people. With very strong accents, to the point where I was lucky if I could understand half of the conversation (enter visual imagery of me trying to look very interested, whilst trying to figure out WHAT THEY HELL THEY ARE SAYING). What made this 'lost in translation' effort was alcohol. Not much, but enough to get the internal translator working on 1/2 capacity.

The weekend by contrast was completely uneventful. In all. I studied, studied, studied some more. contemplated tea, made a haughty remark at a haughty waiter, (felt so GOOD!). Got serious work done. Got told off by a policeman (nothing serious, left my noisy-nobody-steal-me laptop out to save my spot. Guy told me it could be nicked. Fair call.)and went home. The end.

Also decided to stop making beanies for sale after I've made this lot. My poor poor wrists can't handle any more abuse and I'm dying to make something nice for myself with all the stuff I already have, something that DOESN'T have a deadline attached. Sheesh.


p.s. I should give you an update on my wallet, I received it in the mail on friday! What I mistook for opportunistic theft turned out to be someone seeing me rush off the bus leaving the thing behind. They (I suspect she) even left all the money in there!!! miracle!! Seriously good karma going their way. So thank you all for your concern, I have been really touched and everything is back more to it's wallet-y self. :D

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