Sunday, April 22, 2007

Me? I just like pretty things.

And lots of them.

But first, a winge. If you are having a party on friday, tell me it is friday, don't tell me it was friday when I am all dolled up nearly at the place the party WAS meant to be. You may work casual shifts and hate your job and work different hours to me, but that STILL doesn't turn a saturday into a friday. Ever. Also you could swear blind that you told me on friday, but not only would that defeat the purpose of me turning up, given that said social event was on that day. Just get the sodding day right. Especially when you ask me what I'm doing on a saturday, for pete's sake. GRR.

For the above whine, could you tell I've been stood up again? I seem to attract a certain 'please stand me up' vibe. Former credibility: a little. Current credibility: none. I reserve the right not to believe you. Ever. The sky may well be falling on my head, but because you tell me it is going to happen tomorrow at 9am, won't mean I'll have my umbrella and a suitably kitschy sign with me. GRRRRR

Onto pretty things. I love pretty things, especially when one of them involves you FINISHING THE THIRD STRIP OF YOUR STASHBUSTING BLANKET! Woohoo! I must really have no life, I think it's taken me a little over 3 months for this strip. For something that is the length of a queen sized bed plus over hang, shows lack of social commitment only a fan of World of Warcraft would understand. (Sorry guys, but I really do loathe that game)

Without further adieu, here are some pics

ooh! Pretty!
blanket pose 2

My cat the poseur
blanket pose

Fluffy bits!

Blanket pose 2.

Also some lovely mega pretty things I've found on the net, - The beauty of crazy quilting, scroll down to see some real beauty - have you seen such beauty? All in teensy little blocks? Is it a wonder that I'm thinking of finding the embroidery hoop and trying some stitches. The only downer is that there are not a lot of resources for people who know virtually nothing about the actual construction for crazy quilting. Like piecing the original blocks for example. The books in the library are (suprisingly) rather dull too. I will continue to look!

adios for now.

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