Saturday, April 7, 2007

No craft today

The Black Dog (depression) has been having a play, so I've not be doing much. My sister has been home which is fun, and mum has even popped in, and I've made a million plans which have come to nothing.Oh except I got to drive a car by myself!!! Best fun ever for someone with a brand new license. Lots of fun till the car died just as I was leaving the carpark. I think I need to convince the sister to let me chauffeur her everywhere...please?

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picklesticks said...

Thanks for you comments! I would love to do a swap sometime in the future. I do love your knitting. I like knitting and do a fair amount of it, but I have never made anything for myself other than scarves with thick needles and chunky yarn. I am starting a cardigan for myself, so we will see if it all comes to nothing or not. I hope that life gets exciting for you soon!