Monday, April 2, 2007

The term is nearly over...

But that doesn't mean I can relax. However I do have a sock to show you!

8-03-07 012

This is the 'sister sock' from I care not to think how long ago. Not only did I finish this in the ICU waiting room, I tried it on, only to realise that stinky feet and brand new socks, means double the death for your nose. Ouch. But still, look at the pretty striping! Cheap kmart yarn, that I didn't realise would have the striping going on. The heel is an afterthought heel which meant I couldn't try it on whilst making. Actually has anyone else found that the afterthought heel is not terribly attractive whilst off the foot?

Also saturday I forced myself to sit down and relax at my favourite cafe, a really lovely place. Being the yummy place it is I ordered the pumpkin soup and what soup it was!It was so yummy I took a photo (conveniently located for soup related missives!)
8-03-07 011

Does that look like good soup or what!

Then I picked up a package that someone had sent via whale mail (sea mail) AGAIN! but given that I sent a really dodgy package, she sent me a truly awesome package, and nothing got confiscated, and I am doing some major pr control and trying to make it up to her... Could anyone tell me what someone with nasty ulcerative colitis needs to be comfortable? I'm making some sunflower cushions that she can squeeze at the moment, but I was thinking about trying to make some rice packs or something or a really good book (my idea of a good book is Robert Louis Stevensen (pirates!) or Agatha Christy?) HELP!!

best scarf! Here is a scarf she sent me
Cool notebook and freaking awesome catfunky robot!fluffy wool!

Have some freaking cool times!!


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