Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The sunny side of the street.

Things are looking good.

Sure I don't have my wallet (or this fabled, rather expensive ID card either) bust the smiling gods are telling me that I need to party. And I'm planning. You know, I have long suspected that there just simply isn't enough dress up parties in this world and as a result, I get overly ecstatic when one is coming up. Alas me being a first class stinge (stingey/can't bear to part with money) I am not spending a cent on the costume.

Ideas thus far. (feel free to contribute)
- make a beanie then make one ear flap = pirate with eyeflap (Told you I'm stingy)
- Use existing scrawl somehow.
- Make a bag using a combination of black fabric and map fabric. Best excuse to practise putting in zips and a good chance to get acquainted with some TAST stitches and embroidery improvement (I've been feeling the embroidery bug lately)

Anywho, I can't think of anything more of interest today.

Have a safe ANZAC day!


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