Saturday, April 14, 2007

Boy have I been busy...

So you know that I've been busy, right? Well yesterday I thought I would spoil myself by going to the craft and quilting fair, conveniently located in the Gold Coast Convention Centre. While I couldn't take photos inside the place, (including some of the most incredible quilts I have ever seen!!!) I also had a stack of fun and spent faaaar too much money. Here is what I splashed out on.


Noro! Freaking Noro!! I mean most people have a hard time trying to source this in the U.S. (it is a Japanese product) and these little skeins were the softest things going, (I'll give you the fibre content tomorrow, something like a large percentage of silk and lambswool), not cheap (like $13 a skein, which is only 40grams!) but I got enough for a beanie, which I think I might turn into ultra yummy armwarmers if the yardage is right. I have the card for the shop which is in Bardon, so a place which is firmly on my 'to go' list.

wood heart shaped button This was also at a crochet stall that also had stacks of really nice yarn. Not quite sure what to whack this on yet...

Ceramic buttons check these ceramic buttons!! It was only when I got home I realised that I couldn't use them for clothing, which means I'll have to make a display of the like.

Now for a while I have had an idea of making my own beginner's quilt, and while I was in the thrall of buying so many fat 1/4s (and all so pretty! And cheap!) I used some existing fabric and fabric from those beautiful quarters and made this:

completed quilt block!!!

Now with projects I either plan them to death, hastily start and read the instructions (to my detriment) or use little planning and just 'go'. This is one of the just 'go' ones. I did make a 50cm2 template as a general guideline, but otherwise just went for it. I believe the style is called 'log cabin' perfect for beginners and supremely awesome for things that JUST need to be the feature. This seems to have a theme of work' (or misogynist leanings, I'm not sure...)

2nd completed quilt piece, a cross section

Here is a cross section of the second piece, as you can see I had some left overs from the first square that I really wanted to use, I still have some perfect border fabric from that FQ which I will definitely use in another square.

2nd nearly finished Pieced quilt piece

Here is a better picture of the remaining fabric, if you don't mind twisting your head. I must say that given I couldn't find a hard ruler anywhere, I think I did a pretty good job (aside from all the ironing, GAH!) I mean I used 1.5 seam allowance, which evened everything up, plus given that I don't have an overlocker, I trimmed the seam edges with pinking shears, that needed some serious WD40 to get going. I have a feeling the WD40 is the way most people would improve scissors (they DO need a good sharpen) but it did make things slightly easier.

Fat quarters 3 Fat quarters 2 Fat quarters 1

Oh and I met Pru Mapstone.. How cool? I got her book, fondled some seriously funky creations (probably a little TOO funky for my tastes) and learnt some cool thing about freeform crochet and knitting. Just call me fangirl. Lol

Pru Mapstone - bags


And last but not least, I got some actual well and true sock yarn! sock yarn!

In the wool! Did I mention that I had an absolutely awesome time there and spent far too much time and money? Of course I did.

Thats all for now folks!


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