Monday, April 23, 2007

Third time is the charm.

I've had number two, hit me with number three already.

So this is turning out to be a shitty fortnight. Last Monday, my grandmother passes away, and my sister has really nailed things on the head here. Which really was a horrible week.

Got stood up on the weekend, and I'm still sour for that. I'm over people just taking and taking and not listening to me, and then conveniently forget to tell me important things.

This week, the powers that be has stolen my wallet. With my transport money, and my license and my medicare card. Forget all those annoying loyalty cards, I need my license!!! I can't drive without it. While I still hold a minute hope my wallet will be returned (sans money, I'm still too much of a realist) I suspect one of the people responsible is a student who attends the school I work at. Hope against hope he does the right thing, go to the library tomorrow and return everything, money intact. In the meantime, cancel all the cards, put off plans for paying bills and layby for another week, and resign myself to a trip to the Road Traffic Authority, and hope like hell I don't leave my vital documents on the seat behind me. Like my wallet. AAARRG

On the bright side, I found that it really does pay to be nice to bus drivers, One bus driver helped me look for my wallet, including a brief scan for the kids, the other bus driver (someone I enjoy chatting too), let me on for free. Given that I literally did not have two cents to my name and had that nasty sensation of my stomach dropping out, complete with the worst feeling of hopelessness, these guys are my life savers. Thank your deity of choice for that.

So thank you for reading whilst I winge about things past, and deal with 'friends' I wouldn't trust with am empty bottle, let alone something valuable, like information. I'm not sure if I've had three bad things, or if I should sleep tight and hope tomorrow doesn't bring something really exciting, like am amputation lol

adios. Sleep tight

p.s. I just googled my name and found out that I am a girl reporter character from the 60s. Cool!

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Lindsay said...

Sounds like you're having a crappy week. I hope things start looking up for you.