Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Okay just checking in, saying hi, yada yada yada... Dare I say lately that I've been catching up on non-craft-related work...Which is both scary, and annoying, but at the very least it is a great excuse to 'hang out' in the new State Library. A wonderful building with everything I need there!!! Woohoo! Now if I could only get my ever so noisy laptop with a silencer, I might get even more things done... (p.s. WHEN DOES THIS WORK END???? GRR)

No crafting lately, well I have, but then its been beanies, and I think I've developed a real anti public transport thing lately, which has led to an 'anti things I normally do on public transport' thing. Not fun. However just to prove that I am fun and games when it comes to online stuff, I have found some super duper fun links.
Firstly, what happens when you have a book to sell, and a limited number of kitchen appliances.

How to write a better blog. I will definitely take these things into consideration, but now I just need someone to help my jazz this place up a bit!!

Okay next post should have some beanie pre-sending, post-finishing. Hopefully. Or I might have a wee small temper tantrum involving hair pulling (my own hair). Until I at least remember that I am responsible for the whole beanie thing in the first place. Rats.

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Cameron Patrick said...

The web site for that book is brilliant and an excellent distraction from differential equations ... all I can think is, her stove is much cleaner than mine. And that oatmeal looks tasty.