Monday, May 21, 2007

If you head down to the op-shop today

In case it isn't immediately obvious, I love my local op-shop. I love this shop like some people like their pubs. The sense of familiarity, and the pleasant surprise of something new. However last weekend revealed a haul almost as impressive as a bookfest find. As it happens I love vintage knitting patterns. I am drawn in by the glamour or the outfits, the colour (or lackthereof) in the patterns, and just the vintage-y goodness out there. But of all the vintage goodness out there I've decided to collect patons patterns, based on their availability and their quality. Especially the 'tv knitting' series. Imagine my suprise when I see not two, three or four of these babies, but an absolute STACK of them just sitting in my favourite shop.
patterns! patterns! PATTERNS! See? This is covering my bed in a rather high pile. But oh! what heaven!

Some of some choice picks from this haul include a jumper with a Kangaroo and something else on there (don't ask me what)

tie me kangaroo down jumper Proof that child humiliation is a long standing tradition with a powerful and proud history Tethering children has a long and hideous history

and if this isn't an incentive to get fit, and get some fancy underwear, I don't know what is. This may be made on microscopic needles, but I want this baby BAD! Helloooo gym membership! Hello 3ply wool! Hello ouchy corsets....

must lose weight so I can wear THIS! Oh and this didn;t come from a patons book, but I had to have it for this pattern mainly, and a few other patterns...

also some supplies, very project spectrum-y. (pink, yellow and green) needles and thread, op shop style. I love those yellow needles, although it occured to me that AFTER I got home that they don't have stoppers on the end. Any suggestions for making any on the cheap and quick?

And just to completely overload you with picture goodness... here is an earring holder I made myself with plastic canvas and a cheapo $3 photo frame. Sadly I didn't have tacks or nails to hold it in, but this is still bright and colourful and useful all the same.
earring holder



Rose Red said...

I love vintage patterns too - what a great haul!

Ali J said...

I love the vintage pictures on the pattern covers. Just lovely! They are so inspiring.

I absolutely love op shops. I've just come back home after shopping around them all afternoon for over 5 hours. It was so much fun, and I've got so much great stuff.

Oh - and by the way I've changed my blog address. I wanted to do more with my blog, and couldn't on blogger. You can find me at

Have a gorgeous weekend. xox