Friday, July 20, 2007

At the end of the day...

Lordy lord lord am I tired! And what a week, from nearly getting the cold to starting to deal with the financial ramifications of the car. On the plus side, I have a car! and She's cheap to fill her up (no name yet), plus, thanks to the radio not working, I am really catching up on the audiotape thing. Dr Zhivago anyone? (I heartily do no recommend it. Its all names. I'm near the end of the last tape and I'm finally picking up a plot.

Things I've been upto? Not much really, been playing around on ravelry, trying to decide what to do with my two skeins of Noro(it's the only big brand I own, and am likely to get for some time. So Noro Noro Noro Noro Noro Noro. Much better)

On crafty things, I've nearly finished the grooviest ipod cosy yet. Its loopy, its for the sis and it will have googly eyes and weird fluffy pompoms. If she doesn't go nuts, I may well never be knitting her cozies (read: beanies) for ever again. GRRR

How is everyone else going? Ready for some serious sleeping in and walking (I need a good dose of both)


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