Thursday, May 7, 2009


I have just seen that it was February 8 when I last updated this thing. Oy and vey. Slackarama on my part, I apologise. Life, as they say, has been topsy turvy as of late, and the trend seems set to continue. However, as I deem this stuff to be in the realm 'not your beeswax, nerny nerny ner ner'. I present you pics of a hat I made, using only the dodgiest of dodgy on hand, and pictures of alpacas, taken on Saturday.

20-03-09a 001

Twisted stitches!

20-03-09a 005

Can't you just smell the lumpy texture?

For reasons you may figure out, I have decided to call this my carrot hat, as it rather reminds me of a carrot emerging from the ground. I am thinking a huge honking pompom on the top using the last of the yarn might be the perfect touch. What do you reckon?

20-03-09a 021

Check this out, 'Jewish alpaca does not eat pork'. See the brown patch on his head? I'm calling that a yarmulke. Because who says livestock can't pursue religion?

20-03-09a 050 Itsy Bitsy Alpaca! This guy was born on Anzac day, he was definitely the perfect size to stow in a vehicle, y'know... so he can mow the lawn... that's right.... (also: I love my camera)

20-03-09a 026

Unison alpacas look pensive, in unison. (Oh the scalding wit! How can you handle it?!)

20-03-09a 025

No witticisms here, I just like that they are both the same colour and eating at the same time.

Looks like I forgot to upload photos of 'the stud'. I just love saying 'the stud' in the sleaziest voice possible. Makes me think I'm cool.

Anyway, adios for now!


Betsybookworm said...

*gasp* Sally posted on her blog? If only I'd post on my blog as well, the combination would aerate future bacon nicely.

Also: oooh... paccas... :)

catsmum said...

Love the 'pacas ! Actually my goaty girls are 'paca substitutes ... promise not to tell them ?