Sunday, February 25, 2007

I'm, spinning around!

Hey everyone! now that I have my sweet purdy camera back, (you don't realise how much you use the thing until you don't have it for a week!) I plan on bombarding you with the wonderful things I have received and made this week.

My wonderful felt bead bracelet,

My awesomest jewellery, from cyndiq (she accidentally sent me two bracelets, having minute wrists, I turned them into one necklace, so comfy and so pretty!)
jewellery - cyndiq

This lovely wristlet from mmd32
wristlet - mmd32

And Jane Doe who gave me this awesome felt bead bracelet that I just think is the funkiest thing ever!
felt bead bracelt, Jane Doe

And what about items I've made? Well get this, I've pretty much finished the two presents I was making, AHEAD of time!!!!

Irony is nearly finished

This is for mum, I just need to add a tail on a duck, and finish the top border thing.

And will you check the detail on this Irish Hiking Scarf? This is the best project I've ever produced, bar none and its going to a good home!

irish hiking scarf - done!

And just to prove that there are no idle hands here,
random embroidery Some embroidery! Part sampler, part random fun stuff.

And can someone/everyone tell me everything you know about spinning? I should be the proud owner of a wheel soon, but need as much info as possible re: buying wheels, roving etc.



Lindsay said...

Ooooh, so many pretties!

If you're getting an ashford wheel, this site has spare parts and dyes and other things:
I rang them today, except I don't like answering machines so I hung up (yes, I'm weird), so I can't really tell you much about them, but I am planning to order some stuff from them soon.

Sharmane said...

Bunches of cool stuff! Don't you just love the Irish Hiking Scarf pattern. HOW AWESOME! (and easy)

Thanks for the post on my blog. I have always wanted to move to a country that wouldn't wrap church and state up together so much. Luckily, in the last few years I have met an Australian cousin that has offered me a spot to crash in Perth when I am ready to become an Ex-American. I'm looking forward to it!!!