Monday, March 5, 2007

*enter cliched excuse about blogging here*

I am a bad bad blogger, so everyone so sorry for not posting in a whole week! Firstly there was my birthday, so no posting then, and then there is the rather small matter of not really having done anything that crafty in the past week. If visions of grandeur counted as crafty stuff, this wouldn't be a blog, it'd be a book.

Things that HAVE happened this week.
1. Received a shiteload of books from fishpond which is like amazon for Aussies AND they take eftpos (HEAVEN!) so expect some pics/ changes to this website soon!
2.Have been, (dare I say it?) SOCIAL this past week, yes people I forced my way into Brisbane, caught myself a fella (better make I don't speak too soon! Touch wood!) Went to one boring 21st where the upside was free canapes and free champagne (sorry, SPARKLING!), my kind of party really.
3. Got a consignment with a soon-to-be open shop in Melbourne. Have frantically been trying to come up with ideas for labelling and, well everything, not having been involved in a small business/dealing with consignment issues before.
4. Limping. Simply put, my toe did not like having the ingrown part being pulled out and has reacted by aching as much as possible, and just looking gross. Needless to say, I'm over wearing thongs to work.
5. Of the stacks of books I bought, I purchased 'dummies guide to XHTML'. I am thinking I'd like to shake up the look of this blog, add pictures or just do something FUNKY with the minor idea of moving this blog to a proper professional website or something if the consignment/selling handmade goods thing starts working out. I love crafting, and I love the idea of multiple people enjoying things that my hands create, I hope that I may explore many different crafts, because learning is fun.

So once again I apologize for my posting slackness, and I promise things will start to pick up again (even if all the pictures are beanies. Black ones with red flowers, or whatever.)

Adios everyone!


Happy Birthday to my Mum and my father, 4 years apart and their birthdays are on consecutive days! Between my birthday and theirs, its one very expensive week!

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