Wednesday, March 21, 2007

P-p-p-p-p-p P plate driver am I......

Okay so thats the best part of the post today. I am no longer a learner driver, from here on in, I may start slowly forgetting the importance of stop signs at teensy streets, my license is a funky new yellow, and frankly, I want to flash that little card everywhere I go (especially as the picture is slightly off centre, hehe). But how fresh in your mind are those crazy little road rules? Try here to see if you can still give way with the best of them. These are Queensland rules, but the basic rules are covered here. Let me know if you pass or fail!!!

Okay I'm finished bragging (well it is something to brag about!) but just to prove that I'm not always making beanies (I am) here is another scrawl I'm making for a soon-to-be swap partner next month.
The yarn is from my 'inherited' stash, and its lovely and soft with virtually no itch/scratch factor on your arms, on your face its different. Pretty huh?

Thanks to the folks at Good Yarn Karma I have received these awesome stitch markers. aren't they gorgeous? I actually want to go back to the sadist sister sock so that I may actually use them.
knit purl

anyway thats all folks!


Lindsay said...

Yay! Well done. The only problem is now your parents will make you give them lifts when they're out late and over the limit...or is that just mine?

fitknit said...

Shreading license now...parking least I gave way OK

Sharmane said...

This is in your neck of the woods...

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