Monday, March 19, 2007

'I just love finding a new place to wear diamonds!'

My name is cliche girl, by day you may know me as the unrelenting broken record woman of doom (if I have to say 'remove your hat please' ONE MORE TIME), but when I lay down my jaunty broken record bun cover (as only evil library own) I pick up another outfit, I think I have decided that my super secret (well less than super secret now that its online) outfit for cliche girl is a diamond tiara, because Marilyn Monroe really did say it when she said (forcibly under the influence of a play like) 'I just love finding a new place to wear diamonds'. Because frankly, doesn't EVERYONE deserve a fancy tiara that they can worry about day and night until they find a super uncrackable safe to put it in.

ANYWAY onto the photos (of which there are a few)

First things first, the truly best project I ever knitted was the Irish Hiking Scarf, it was enjoyable, it was easy to count the repeats and I must say, I have never been so satisfied with a FO. So here we are, the always entertaining Colin, modelling his scarf,

A little more downcast, try looking to your right so everyone may observe the 'ooze' like texture of this wool.

And on things non scarf related:


Some ribbon I bought years ago at the Woodford Folk Festival, in retrospect I should have gotten two metres instead of the one of each (so I could use some on a top I've yet to sew) But I can't help but admire those beautiful colours in each, and the blue ribbon has to be my favourite, although I still haven't the faintest idea what to use it on yet.

ye old bias packaging

Check out this packaging! Does anyone still buy bias binding like this anymore? I found an absolute stack of this at the opshop not too long ago. These are two unopened packets. I almost don't want to open them, because they look so quaint.

I've been everywhere man!

Only one of these iron on transfers are mine, the rest I bought at the opshop (blame everything on the opshop!) However I think these days the spice girls count as 'guilty pleasure I will only listen to at gay bars' as opposed to regular listening.

ye olde bias binding

Here is all the opened bias binding. I have this vague pattern in my head for a wristlet I want to make myself in the future. Nothing like learning zips and bias binding in one hit!

just oozing with trim

And finally, just reinforcing the 'showgirl' theme, here is some of the original trim from the 1920's play I was in at high school 'The Boyfriend'. I was a chorus member (everyone remembers the chorus the best! NOT) alas I actually donated the dress to vinnies, because even though it looked like a shiny sack, part of my was always hoping to go to a dress up party. Alas.

Anyway enough memorabilia for now, hopefully in the next few weeks you shall see progress on word counts and beanies! A license would be nice too....



Donna said...

Gorgeous job on the scarf! And yes, I still buy bias binding packaged like that. Well, slightly updated labels ;)
The ribbons are beautoful, and I agree that the blue one is the best.

Random Knits

crumpart said...

Woodford Folk Festival is Teh Awesome. I went several years ago, and really, really want to go back again, perhaps with a stall.

Taphophile said...

Thanks for offering a beanie for the Canberra S'n'B Harlot Happening.

I've left the address on the Yarn blog.

Should have known it would be a library staffer who was being so generous. :)

I buy bias binding, too, lots of it in op-shops. Maybe I should knit it.

Lindsay said...

Ooooh, that scarf is lovely, I can see how much work you've put into it. All your ribbons and other goodies are gorgeous too, maybe I should hit my local op shops tomorrow (bonus day off!)