Sunday, March 18, 2007

Diamonds are a girl's best friend....

Okay so this post actually has nothing to do with diamonds, I saw 'Gentlemen prefer blondes' recently. Such a good movie, I'd highly recommend it. Say hi to the girls from 'Little Rock' for me. He He

So I was cleaning my room and came across these almost FO. So I finished them off.

Introducing the ultra thick scarf, with what I suspect may be handspun yarn, from a magic yarn ball ala aussie swap.
mega thick scarf/neckwarmer

In this two-for-one special, you see a beanie (destined for a small shop in Melbourne) and a neckwarmer that was the easiest project in a 'learn to crochet' book (Kids Crochet by Kelli Ronci, a must have for the learner!) and I still manage to lose a stitch somewhere in the middle. Hence its 'tapered' towards to end for a better fit. (My excuse and I'm going to stick with it dammit.) The Neckwarmer just needs an oversize button to set the whole thing off and then I need to book a trip to the antarctic, because it will be too thick for everywhere else!
beanie w/ scarf warmer

I have resolutions for this week and I'm publicising them so I can't back out.
1. send off completed beanie. ASAP
2. Do at least 3 beanies.
3. Pass driving test.
4. Start uni assignment. Min. 300 words per segment (3 segments)
5. Do other assignment, Min 300 words. Grr.

That ought to keep me busy for one week. Wish me luck with the driving test (again), keep your eyes peeled for roadwrorks, schools and aged home.

And don't bite your nails, like I do. Double bugger.


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Lindsay said...

That scarf does look extra warm! And your beanie is great. Good luck with the selling! And the driving test!