Thursday, March 8, 2007

I come bearing pictures!

Seriously, I have been absolutely shocking in the past few weeks, and with computer upload times being horrible, I've needed to devise new systems in order to post pictures yada yada yada whatever.

8-03-07 001

I call this, UFO - masochist style. Because the best idea for a first sock is of course, an afterthought heel (started!) and teensy tiny needles, or worse, decreasing on teensy tiny needles. My fingers ache at the memory.

8-03-07 002

Some books I bought... actually they were both a bit disappointing. But that shows what happens when you buy and you don't get a chance to squiz through them.

8-03-07 003

More books, these are MUCH better (read: slightly more expensive). Those Indian and China cross-stitch books? Consider them books of unique paradise, enshrined within these tombs are little slices of artistic heaven. If I could turn them into embroidered masterpieces, I would, in a heartbeat.

8-03-07 007

Ooh! Pretty Taj Mahal, one of the more slightly challenging pieces, but all I can say is 'Isn't it pretty?'

8-03-07 005

Another classic example of the hardest project in the book, but can you blame me for loving all of those colours and intricate teensy weensy lines? Plus I think this is done on 28 thread aida cloth (count em folks, 28 threads to the inch. Sucker be not thy name. Tonight)

I think I'm turning Chinese, I really think so, shadow puppets, quick, easy, will look incredible as white on black aida. 14 count. Thankfully.
8-03-07 004

This transfer book was a real, cheap wonderful find, and I'm so glad I got it. I love it so much that planning a 21st present (embroidered table linen) is harder than I thought. So many funky designs, so hard to choose!!!!
8-03-07 009

And finally, just because I feel like throwing in another picture, here is the view from inside to outside my sister's place on a hungover sunday morning. I just think this looks artistic. :D

view outside 2

Anyway enough of my babbling, I shall produce next post, pictures of beanies (or at the very least, a beanie) which shall become commonplace this month as I figure out the most cost effective way of crocheting, and labeling the damn things. Grr.


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