Sunday, February 18, 2007

Camera not here...

Watch for commentary. My camera is currently at my sister's new place, taking pictures of the new place. However due to unforeseen circumstances, my snazzy camera is coming back next wednesday. On my birthday. Scary things, birthdays, I'll be 22 years old, double scary.

So just as I have done a heap of crafty things, camera isn't here. Lets list them

1. did an embroidery practice thingy,
2. drew a picture then embroidered it, and started adding extra embellishment, as soon as I can take a pic of it I will, I really like it, (a face in profile on a pinstripe background.
3. did a few rows on the stashbusting blanket, now that there is no deadline, I'm really enjoying doing the odd row or two. Might even be ready for this years ekka (unlikely, but I like to dream)

Now that all my swaps are done and out for the year, I'm free! liberated, so ready to go crafting nuts, (will show pics of cross stitch as well) Now if I didn't have to study...

Just because I can't shoot photos at the moment, I thought I'd include a gratuitous cat shot. I present to you: Demon cat of the complex! beware your feet and eardrums!

beast can

p.s. should be receiving a stack of things this week and I can't take photos! CRUD!
p.s.s. Did anyone see the first episode of the new series of gray's anatomy? I'm scarily hooked. Soapy, slightly predictable but I love it.



crumpart said...

Happy Birthday for Wednesday! I turn 28 on Tuesday, myself. :)

Jo in NZ said...

Happy birthday back at you.
Have a good one.

Sharmane said...

That cat is wild looking, a Siamese or Siamese mixed perhaps? I'm trying to figure out what my half o' Siamese baby Revan will look like when he is a cat.

Sad to be without a camera, a suffer-er of Japanese Tourist Syndrome would surely die.

Good luck on your upcoming crafting craze!