Thursday, February 22, 2007

Swappin' fever!

Well everyone, you should SEE the sheer quantity of stuff I have received thus far. Everything I have received and I am well and truly convinced I can't live without, and the feedback I have received from the people I have sent to has truly changed a rather dodgy week. As luck happens I'm getting back my camera on sunday, which is great because its earlier that Wednesday, but no so fun because I am planning to embroider a little pouch for my friend's 21st present (some perfectly funky bling). Oh well. Alas.

Lets see as for crafty stuff I have actually DONE, well I am making good progress on my mum's less-than-secret cross-stitch (officially reads 'irony is not dead' plus a pink bunny at the bottom. About the halfway mark. Have done a few rows on the Irish Hiking Scarf, which is a cosy 110 cms, which isn't the six feet I need before I send it off, but if I do a few hours on it tomorrow, it will be ready in time (ish, could be close! Sorry Col!)

And just before I add another random picture, here is a poem that I really clicked with from this lovely book of chinese love poems, (perk of working in a library, get first picks of the new books!) May I present to you: 'Drinking Alone Under the Moon' by Li Bai (Li Po) (701-62)

Among the flower, with a whole pot of wine,
- A solitary drinker with no companions -
I raise my cup to invite the bright moon:
It throws my shadow
and makes us a party of three.

But moon
Understands nothing of drinking,
And shadow
Only follows aimlessly.
For the time
Shadow and moon are my fellows,
Seizing happiness
While the Spring lasts.
I sing:
the moon sails lingeringly,
I dance:
my shadow twirls and bobs about.
As long as I'm sober, we all frolic together;
When I'm drunk, we scatter and part.
Let us seal together
this passionless friendship -
Meet again
by the far-off River of Stars!

Whoa dude. Told you that was some seriously good poetry.

dead pan shot

My best side, no? My (very vocal) burmese brat cat (he knows he has me wrapped around his little paw :D )

anyway for a complete lack of original thought, I bid thee adieu, and just to prove that watch too much children's tv, my favourite quote from ABC show 'BB3B'
'Stay safe,
stay sharp,
staaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy HUMAN!'

just found this, 64%? Well I was 12 ten years ago...
You've Changed 64% in 10 Years

Compared to who you were ten years ago, you've changed a great deal.
In fact, you're probably in a completely different phase of your life - and very happy about it!


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