Sunday, February 4, 2007


Well today has been a really rewarding day. Why? I purged in a way that no bulimic ever has. Have you ever had one of those moments where you look at something that you've looked at for a long time, knowing you had to do something, then in a fit of frustration you've done it? That was me today. I started off just getting rid of the clothes that were hung up that bothered me. That wasn't enough, I was on a role. On total I cleared 3 whole garbage bags of things, mostly clothes, but craft books and old projects that I knew I would never wear ever again.

Look!! Closet space! Can you see how many spare hangers there are???

My room is purged and until the pay comes rolling in again I won't be in a position to afford to replace said purged items. But thats where crafty stuff comes in. I'm beginning to bargain with myself so I can sew (and by extension, teach myself to sew) on the weekends and build a wardrobe I want.

On other news. You know the driving test I was going to take? I failed. Just. I was aceing the test (four minor mistakes, which is really good) and the tester and I hit the dreaded reverse parallel park. I was going really well, chatting to the tester (really nice bloke btw, I hope they are all friendly like that) and I got caught in the moment and... I curbed it. First time in my life I have ever curbed the car on a reverse parallel and I did it in the test. Heartbreaking? Yes. But it was one way to blow $220 and a day off work.

Blue - Chair backing
Random Project Spectrum photo!

So with all this learning and everything, did I actually craft anything? Well yes my feeble, invisible friend, I did. However most of my weekend has involved frogging the crochet (swap stuff) because yesterday was the official lapse of judgement day. this mainly involved getting about halfway through a beanie before realising its gargantuan size would only fit the hulk. In pink.

Blue curtain

Pretty blue sari style curtain, the pic makes it more blue than in real life, which I kinda like really...

Blue sky!!

Pretty sky! I love the blueness of the blue sky. Definitely my favourite colour. :D

Oh and since it IS February, and that kind of means Project Spectrum has actually STARTED, I have taken some 'blue' photos, because due to swapping stuff, there is no way I can even think about my socks (aka intended project for the blue category of project spectrum)

To all a good night!


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Lindsay said...

Well done on the purge. I've got a feeling I'll need to have a bit of a purge when I move back home, because I've managed to accumulate a fair bit over the last year, but I probably won't manage to get rid of as much as you!
Sorry about your driving test, it sounds like an expensive mistake, especially when you were doing so well.
Thanks for adding me as a contact in flickr too! I only saw yesterday that you'd made a comment on one of my photos ages ago!