Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Hiking madness!

Hey Everyone!
I have been a busy thing! Not only have the swap partners for the 'Aussie Sampler Sweatshop' (whatever all I remember is that the initials are ASSS, which cracks me up for purely puerile reasons. Go figure. As a result I'm now making 3 beanies, 2 cuffs, 1 crocheted animal and one or two crocheted washclothes. Guess who is going to be busy this weekend? The same person nursing a nasty case of repetitive stress injury (RSI) ouch. On the bright side, I SHOULD be the proud holder/owner of a P's license, which basically is a 'parents go party' card. We'll see....

First things first, one Irish Hiking scarf, in process, last I measured it was about 2 feet and growing...

irish hiking scarf

et voila! I'm planning to have this sucker reach the 6 foot mark, because frankly, I'm knitting for a very tall man. Sorry about the complete absence of visuals in the photography department, its late and obviously my model (my office chair) doesn't feel like being a 'the body' tonight. Oh and a hey! to my Stepmother, Raye, who will soon co-own the Irish hiking scarf'. She sent me a wonderful package with a 'knit a pattern a day' calendar (because my far side calendar is lonely on my desk...) and a magazine! Expect a letter any day now :D

Also because of desire to be a sheep (knitting, sheep, geddit???) I have decided to do the 6 weird things meme. (How DO you say that?) Thanks to fitnit for the inadvertant tag.

6. Every time I pass a newsagent I HAVE to check the craft section. Even when I KNOW there is nothing decent there... I need to check.

5. I am a paper hoarder. I hate HATE to throw paper away. Same goes for yarn. Keep an eye out for this future obsession crazy cat lady in the future.

4. I'm not as compulsive about my appearance as I should be. Seriously, most people my age worry about what clothes they are going to wear for a date. I just hope that my hair is not standing up. (I have a tendency to get frizzy hair in the afternoon, to the point that when its about to rain, I have a mini afro. not very attractive)

3. I can't think of anything terribly unusual about myself? I'm sure there are heaps of I'm well on my way to becoming a geek. This isn't so bad if you are interested in dating aforementioned geeks, (I do) but there is a point I never want to go, if you ever see me wearing socks and sandals, or daggy sport shoes and socks way up high, or ever doing the harry high pants thing. Shoot me.

2. I sleep with a teddy bear. Most of the time. I usually start sleeping with a bear, (Her name is Darling and I got her for my first Christmas) but by the morning you can guarantee Darling has taken a nose first approach to sleep. Shes good for when you are crying or otherwise not feeling normal.

1. Um... I never clean out the sink when I brush my teeth? Seriously I'm at a loss.

Oh well.. should you have the firm belief that there are 6 weird things about you, feel free to be tagged (and tell me!!!!)
Anyway project spectrum starts tomorrow so I will have to start taking some blue pics! Gah!



fitknit said...

OK, I'm hoping numbers 6,5,4 & 3 aren't weird or I'll have to add them to mine!

Number 2 is a winner, although I still have my original teddy bear, aka Pink Ted (I was young, give me a break!)

Sheila said...

I like your Irish Hiking Scarf!