Sunday, January 21, 2007

Another quick update!

I've been rather slack in the posting department (well... for me anyway) and I have a heap (6) photos uploading on flickr at the moment. So just so you know.

Went to art gallery, or GOMA in Brisbane. Art overload, and I'm definitely coming back so I can absorb more. Everyone MUST see the Jackie Chan exhibit, nothing short of breathtaking. Its amazing the man didn't die doing all of the stunts he did. Went to the shop and got a heap of yummy things. Will post pics later.

Decided not to make the stashbusting blanket a birthday present. Too much work and the recipient wasn't really aware of that. Not going to make handmade things to people who won't appreciate them. Suits sister, she wants money towards an ipod anyway.

Cross-stitch going really well. Have two bookmarks going at the moment. 'Shit.' and "bugger'. I think I like swearing but am not sure.. can you tell????

Bookfest was the absolute bestest of the bestest ever. I lasted an hour before I was dragging (seriously!) my purchases to the counter. I never would have made it to the cab rank if two lovely strangers hadn't helped me carry stuff. THANK YOU KIND STRANGERS!! Definitely a heap of photos to come on that!

Started the Irish Hiking scarf. Lost a needle in the cab on the way home, the one with the row counter. GRRR. Will rectify and show pics of later.



fitknit said...

Oh %$#@, of all the %$#@* needles to loose, it has to be the one with the %$@*&%^ counter!

(Think I might be partial to a little venting via a swear word too)

Lufah said...

I'm just glad I live in a world where you can go to an art gallery and see a Jackie Chan exhibit. That's all kind of awesome. :)