Monday, January 29, 2007

Lucky me!

Okay so it's the first proper day back at school and the sweat starts to fall (and if you have ever been in the presence of a lot of teenage boys, you will know the smell associated with them (gah! oxygen required!)

I was going to post the latest shot of the irish hiking scarf, but frankly, I couldn't be bothered.

And some more exciting news... I will be going for a driving test on friday! Can I be a good goldy driver and stay the speed limit at the same time? (if you have ever driven on the Gold Coast you will know that its standard practice to drive 20kms faster than the speed limit and not use your indicators) or will I wallow in my L plateness for a little longer, only time will tell!!

Oh and for those parents who put a little 'un into school for the first time today, congratulations! only 12 more years (13 if you count prep) of ferrying your child around!!!


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fitknit said...

Good luck...or should I be scared...VERY SCARED!!