Wednesday, January 3, 2007

A post for Allie

Hey all!

So one of my mates online is feeling a little blue, and being a mate, I thought I'd have a crack at cheering her up, so everyone just so you know...


Also for the magic yarn ball swap she sent me a cross stitch kit, which I might add, has been a lot of fun, and I'm seriously wanting to learn embroidery (on top of everything else!!!). With the added bonus that my local op shop has got pretty much everything I need in that area to last me for the next ten years. Seriously.

Allie, I hope you feel better, and may many furry headbutts come your way!

On other news, boogie is going fabulously, despite a temporary absence thanks to distractions. The only sad thing about boogie is that a recent visit to the doctor's office meant I went a little too enthusiastic on the cable pattern, only to frog bag 5 inches. grrr. On the bright side, I've decreased for the armholes and in a few more inches time will separate for the neck.. after which a bit of obligatory seaming... and I'm done!!! yippie!! Boogie on down!!

Good night my sweet Princes and Princesses, I shan't be back for a few days, dare I say it, I'll be .... SOCIALISING.

p.s. Have you ever seen a real Christmas tree with candles? This photo comes courtesy of my new years celebrations. The family is German, and as such expect to have a real christmas tree and candles on said tree every year. How beautiful!

Christmas tree


xana said...

Hehehehe, a whole entry for me....hehehehe
However did you know Sally that today was kinda rough, you brightened my spirits =)

I had sixth grade today and one group tried to mentally kick my butt. I come home and discover that you have made me a post, yay!

Your cross stitch looks lovely by the way!!!!!! Now you can get the subversive cross stitch book (which I have been eyeing too) and make all the subversive messages you could want lol

-- its allie by the way....this is my portuguese nickname that i use for almost everything else other than craftster

fitknit said...

What a great thing to do for Allie!

Love the candled (?) Chrissie Tree. I'd be scared it was going to go up in flames!