Thursday, January 25, 2007

Reality check

Hey everyone! Hope life is good for you today!!! this post will be fairly pic intensive, mainly because I am going to introduce my 'book of the month' Today's snazzy title is: 'Profitable Hobbies Handbook : Earn spare time money with an interesting hobby'

50's hobby book

This wonderful publication from 1953 shows you how, with a lot of time and a bit of money and a bit of clever thinking, you too can make money out of painting sugar cubes, melting LPs to make decorative plates (use only the oldest kind for melting).

50's hobby books - melted record plates

50's hobby book - gilded sugar cubes

Maybe make some paper dolls with some pipe cleaners, then sell them for a tidy profit? The man who practically invented cage farming, Bob Taylor made a tidy profit raising squabs (I assume they are a game bird) so they they live, eat, breed together the one assumes that they together.

Lets talk money. if you are to make paper dolls, you will probably want to sell them at a gift shop. Said gift shop will buy the figures (noting the materials are pipecleaners, cork, fabric and glue) for 39 cents and sell them retail for $1 - $1.25 (methinks that a dollar buys a bit back in 1953)

Anyway I think this book is an absolute hoot for anyone wanting to know what people could actually make a profit off back in the day. Selling earthworms I understand, Selling handmade toys I definitely understand, selling crepe paper santa claus figures, I don't understand.

Part of the fun with the stories is found in picking the women whose husbands clearly disapproved of making money / going into business. Earthworm lady is one, but there are others in there.

anyway I'm back at school and it is madness!!! no air con till the end of summer! who says water retention is a bad thing!!



fitknit said...

Damm, now I'm going to have to throw out all that red crepe paper!

It is disgustingly humid at the moment, isn't it????

Fortunately my kids go to a school with aircon.

hunnybunny said...

That's hilarious. I just linked you in my sidebar and had to come back just to tell you thanks for posting that wonderful piece of crafty history. I'll be smirking for the rest of the evening.