Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Welcome to FO heaven...

In this wonderful dream you will see picturesque visions of finished objects, including the worlds (relatively) fastest swap item, the hanging hand towel, completed in about an hour including the button detail. So practical, so cheap, so swapable!!!

tea-towel decoration tea -towel topper

Next in this wonderful dream you are playing scrabble with a good family friend, she doesn't merely know scrabble, she rule scrabble, hence Jacque, I will forever be in you debt for putting this 66point baby for me.

66 point word  baby!!!! That world lying vertically is 'queen' by the way, on a doublw word score. I never knew there were so many rules in scrabble! I mean, I've always, repeat ALWAYS sucked at this game. But cheating shamelessly - is fun :D

Just as this dream is becoming too much for you, the finished tea towel, the awesome scrabble word, you ask the pixie beside you if this really is a dream. Snobby pixies, this little pain says two words:

Bite me cross-stitch



Lindsay said...

Well done! It's always so satisfying to finish something, but even better if you manage to get a few done in a short time. I especially love that cross-stitch!

hunnybunny said...

That cross stitch is great! I would have never thought to use green for it, I have some somewhere I picked up at a garage sale....