Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Hey everyone! not all the photos I wanted actually uploaded, but considering most of those where books and more books (I have an interesting post coming up soon re: one book in particular that I found). But first, books! wonderful books!

craft books!

I also decided to be a sheep in the non fleece way of the word. I got inspired from ysolda and her 'snow white' posts (does anyone else think she looks incredibly vulnerable in the whole snow white thing?)

I don't do vulnerable, I do: governess! This is the best out of a heap I tried to take of my own head. Try it! It's hard!!!

Fancy hair

On the other hand I got some awesome fabric from the local craft shop, I'm still not too sure what to make with it, but the map fabric is something else!

Cool fabric!

Anyway this is all the photo goodness I can wrangle for now. More tomorrow!!!

p.s. Check out this freaky link of Swedish librarians, more disturbing are the comments underneath!!



fitknit said...

I couldn't bear to cut the map fabric. I'd want to frame it!

librarylass said...

there was another one exactly like that, except I think it had Australia on it, should have bought that one too. I think I might make a nice big tote, something I can display my prints with.