Sunday, January 14, 2007

Bite me? I will thanks!

In the wake of two failed social occasions, I got some cross stitch done! (does the sheer number of s's in cross stitch bug anyone else??). Well, almost.

Most importantly, grab your molars and say whoa! with this little gem. Sugar fix and what must have been an insane amount of alcohol mixed together in lord of the rings goodness (the comments are almost as entertaining as the blog itself)

I present to you: Bite me... nearly done and would have been more but trying to plot and chart things on the green stuff took forever. I gave up and started anyway.

bite me

Given the colour of the green stuff, I'm thinking of doing the 'bite me' in bright orange or a pastel pink, just so there is no chance of missing the wording. Also the number of mistakes I have had to unpick has hampered progress a little. I think will finish this baby in the next day or two. I really need to cast on the irish hiking scarf asap too. Oh and finish the long awaited teddy bear.

Also I used my red scrawl (scarf shawl thing) last night and this baby works a treat! I think it needs to be a little wider to really cover the 'shawl' aspect, but otherwise the mohair is nice and warm.

Will post a pic of the rainbow puke patch on the stashbusting blanket (did I say that last time??) Because despite the whole acrylic-ness of it.. it really does look good.

Also planning to do some kool-aid dyeing to fit in with some project spectrum. Can't wait!!

Only 5 days left till bookfest!!!


Sharmane said...

I love beautiful things made from kick ass phases. "Bite me" is a great one, my favorite though is "Kiss my grits!" Does that translate outside of the states? =)

Nice job.

fitknit said...

That's just lovely! So brief, yet says all that needs to be said!