Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Boogie all night, party all day!

Hey everyone, hope you are doing well today, I am loving this overcast weather!!

So boogie is all sewn up, just need the ends sewn in.

Voila!!! Although I am inclined to think that the shoulder edges are a bit wide/stickyoutty, that isn't a pattern problem, its a 'clothing doesn't like my dimensions' problem. Other than that I am loving my first ever homemade clothing item!!!! Any ideas on how to fix the sticky outty sleave holes?

Next cross stitch project

I also have my next cross stitch project ready to start. Its the expression 'irony is not dead' from the subversive cross stitch book. How cool is that green stuff? The lady at the craft shop only had that or black. I might go for the black stuff next time. My mum has already claimed this. If this embroidery thing works out, I'll definitely be making more subversive stuff.

And for the people who think they have every pattern / stitch guide they could ever need, I say 'no you don't have everything you need!' Why? Well BOOKFEST is coming to town! Seriously last year I found some AMAZING vintage patterns, not to mention the wackiest macrame books I have ever seen (so I need to return those to lifeline lol) but for $60 you will basically be carrying twice your own weight in books. Its a win-win situation for everyone! Its on for about a week, but the best stuff is there on the first day, so I will see you at 8am on the dot for some bookloving/pattern madness!!! Oh and those green bags are perfect for this!!



Nicole said...

Sticky-out shoulders or not,boogie turned out really cute!
I like the red.

Lindsay said...

That's very cute!

Unfortunately we don't have the Lifeline book fairs in Victoria (or South Australia I think?) but I've been lucky enough to be in Queensland a couple of times when they've been on. Except you can't get too many books when you have to fly home. Good luck with finding the good stuff!

Although I did get a fantastic 70s craft book the other day, it has some very scary projects which I'll have to post!