Saturday, January 6, 2007

Agenda me babe

Hey everyone!
I come primed with an agenda today!! I was thinking earlier about what I wanted to write, and then I'd forget the good bits, and so on (early senility? lets hope not!)

Anyway I have a few fun actual craft related things to show up today! First up: Craftster's first ever knitting challenge: One stitch to rule them all. I've started my entry! And what an entry! Lets just say this thing grows at a rate that spaghetti monsters only dream of. Sometimes I even get the stitch pattern right too lol.
Heres a little teaser!

Sneak peak!

Second item on the agenda: I've joined project spectrum! I'm in the planning stages for the next year, however I suspect I may get creative/desperate and organise some less than perfect photography as well )this is NOT to say that photography is a cheap/lazy art form, just that I am lazy when I do it, not to mention less than artistic. lol) I would appreciate ideas/input regarding colour choice /anything that seems like a good idea at the time. Also, I want a button but am paranoid about not saving to my own server, can anyone help me download buttons? Please?

Finally, I went shopping yesterday (with a mate, sorry Andrew!) and bought a few delicious things, not limited to but including:
Nancy Bush's socks book (I'm beginning to think everyone has that book)
The latest knit.1
and best of all: subversive cross stitch of 'mind your fingers' fame. Seriously, if you love the website, you'll REALLY love the book. I'm definitely going to be making stuff from it, and also using it as a 'reference' book, which means I know I'll be inspired to design a few things from it too. Also I got some fabric which I quite like and I can see going in a few bags. However while I was at lincraft I couldn't find any interfacing. Where do they hide this stuff? All I need is some stiff interfacing (iron on for preference) so I can make my bags super fun. ALSO I scored a commission of sorts, My sister's friend, K. saw my handmade bag (that I love to bits!) and wondered if she could have something similar. I told her to e-mail me and provide the fabric... fingers crossed that this isn't just part of her alcohol soaked imagination (we were all pissed).


Geez I'm talkative tonight aren't I? Well one more question for the masses: What are your experiences with sewing with denim? Of all my ideas sewing with denim is in there, so, what is it like? hard? Will I have to get a stronger sewing needle or what?

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