Thursday, January 11, 2007

Just a quick update

Just a quick update everyone! Stashbusting blanket is going great guns, although I am now at the stage at the end of the ball that the acrylic wants to fight me by getting lots of knots. I fight knots with scissors. However given that I've used cheap stuff in a colourway I prefer to call 'rainbow vomit' it has provided remarkable meterage! Plus I've been ever so organised and sorted my needles for the express purpose of making needle holders for each size. I never knew I had so many pairs! not including DPNs or circs, I have approximately 72 pairs of needles. Thats a lot of WIP lol.

Anyway I figure I need to post a pic of some description, so here is the package I finally received from the awesome enchanted_wool from craftster!

yummy felted soaps

That pink felted soap smells like lollies. I can't stop sniffing it. Yum.

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