Sunday, September 21, 2008


Hi everyone!

Good news, since my last post (almost a month ago! GAH!) I have completed two assignments, which, by the end probably did a less than spectacular job on, but stuffit, over it!. I have also completed a few minor, rather secret projects, which, given how long it takes me to complete ANYTHING is a miracle in itself.

Also I've been on a sock yarn buying binge, which is really weird for someone who doesn't knit socks. However I'm convinced that the firestarter socks (Rav link) will be the ones that break me in. My theory being that I've started top down socks before and gotten bored/sick of teensy needles, toe up will stand a better chance because I can try on as I go, and also I happen to have aforementioned metric tonne of sock stash to choose from.

Onto some pretty pictures. Here is something I CAN show you.
Meet my teacosy. At present I am still tossing up names for this baby, either 'dready-ful tea cosy'. 'rainbow barf' or for the psychedelia that just won't quit 'duuuuuuude'. I'd also offer a prize for best name, but I ain't parting with my stash for nobody *eyes everyone suspiciously*
01-06-08 043

Look what mum found when she was doing a major bout of spring cleaning!

01-06-08 045

This is a tile I made in grade eight, On it is our previous cat, Coco (aka the most patient puss on the planet!,) music note, skirt and email. Nice to know that even in grade eight I was an email addict.

And finally, I'm off at sparrow fart to go to Perth tomorrow! I can't wait to spend a week on the other side of the continent, where I plan to meet the infamous Inoriz and her little girl, and check out the sights and sounds of the area. I simply cannot wait!

So, till at least next week, I bid thee adieu!

p.s. I'm planning to fly QANTAS on the way home, can you please send me non-burning food/safe travel vibes? I'd be ever so grateful! Might even be choccys in it for you ;)


Lindsay said...

Have lots of fun in Perth. It's a lovely city! And you'll be fine with the flight.
The tea cosy is very smile inducing. It looks like a tie dyed echidna!

catsmum said...

it looks like a psychedelic sea anemone from that angle