Monday, February 25, 2008

Stage call for Fred Astaire, stage call for Fred Astaire...

Thanks to the hot water heater carking it, the stairwell is now a tapdancer's delight!Naked stairs Those tack things are also a unique way of waking you up in the morning. Ouch!

The latest project? socks! Technically I only started these for s'n'b, but now I can't stop!

23-02-08 012

and I managed to spin non yarn barf! I can't believe it took trying a different fibre to produce said pretty single. That was a bobbin's worth (and the green leader) just need to spin the other bobbin and I
corriedale single

Any ravelers needing a really good laugh, you seriously can't go past the over the fence chat. I've made friends, and can no longer hold a straight face when mention of certain lollies are involved. Ideal time about 7pm EST. Prepare to laugh, lots. :D


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Licorice :-)