Monday, March 10, 2008


Apologies everyone, I have no less than two posts ready to zap into creation in my head, but time constraints and internet screwups have resulted in bloglessness.

And its about to get worse. But lets start with happy news.

Happy 1. I've been getting out of the house! I went to the spinner's guild on the weekend, got to try a different wheel and spin alpaca. LOTS of fun

Happy 2. Got to meet people in Bris doing the same uni subject as I am. Had a good 'ol winge at the lack of support services for external students, and had REALLY lovely chai at batavia.

Happy 3. The spinning again, I'm really getting into it, I love it and it is such a release.

Alas we hit the annoying/sad portion (you all knew it was coming)

Arg 1. Due to my procrastination and a certain seller named amazon, a uni book of mine won't be arriving until 2 days before an assignment that relies heavily on that book is due. I paid for express shipping and everything!

Arg 2. I have to do an industry placement of sorts for the archive subject. In fact the whole of the semester's work relies on said industry placement. The inability to find someone who does school hours on the coast, AND has archive qualifications is Nigh on impossible.

Arg 3. My job is due to be advertised and due to confusion and procrastination this RPL stuff has me stumped. Whats required from me by TAFE has me stumped. I feel royally screwed. In fact, I can feel the 'ol depression rearing its ugly head despite any sunny outlook on my part,

This weekend, I organise, I clean and I (hopefully not in vain) keep my sanity in one piece. Why oh why did I decide to do two subjects? I barely have the nous and the organisational skills for one!

Here, pretty pictures of spinning, to make my day, and maybe even your day.

01-03-08 024 - spun and plied!

10-03-08 002 more yarn on a cob!


Lindsay said...

Ooooh, lovely spinnings (my wheel is now looking at me, making me feel guilty).

Good luck with all the other stuff!

catsmum said...

totally yummy spinning

hang in there kiddo - have you talked to anyone at the TAFE about these problems? Shouldn't THEY be helping with the placement and/or an extension because of the not-arrived text ??

and at least you are aware of the symptoms of depression and can get to a dr before it spirals down