Wednesday, February 6, 2008

random fun stuff

Hey everyone!

Firstly, I want to apologise to Diane, who pointed out in my last post that Rebekah actually has biblical origins and therefore not actually a silly name. Apologies.

Also, I have my camera back! Only took all school holidays lol. I have stuff I've been dying to show off. Like, best find at an op shop goes to:

trivial pursuit, baby boomer style

I took a punt in getting this for mum, but she loves it. We have a ritual now of waiting for the ads to come on the tv and I read questions and she answers them. Lots of fun and frankly, I love the all the questions involving comic book characters. I would have loved being a geek during the era of the baby boomer. What's not to love? Marvel comics were booming with ideas, the green lantern, wonder woman, spiderman. Beam me up scotty!

large granny blanket

Here is the blanket I've started with my sis in mind. I've always had it in my mind to make her a blanket and this one is growing at a rapid rate. Its also a stash buster which is useful as well. Being a granny blanket, its also been great tv work, and I find that a Tunisian crochet hook makes the whole shebang easier on my wrists. A pleasant surprise in the form of the intended recipient coming down on Friday night and going out for what could only be described as a heavenly middle eastern dinner at a local restaurant, ended the night nicely when I brought down the wip to keep sis and myself warm and to work on it. She likes it! She actually likes it!!

large granny blanket cross section

Here is a cross section, which I quite like, which shows off the colours quite succinctly. My idea for the finishing touches include a nice crochet trim. This is mainly for the purpose of improving my crochet skill than anything else, but I have set aside some lovely dark grey Bendigo which should provide a nice finishing touch.

That's all tonight. Hopefully I will successfully upload some pics of my recently received package from the awesome addicted2knitting on craftster, and what can only be described as a truly awesome dress (hand embroidered!) that I scored from vinnies. As we speak, I still cannot believe my luck.

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