Monday, February 11, 2008

More yummy goods with pics

Technically I am showing off goods/bought recently, so if you are anti brag, leave now. :D

Here is a gorgeous dress I discovered at vinnies. A hand embroidered dress! I really like it, except for the fact there are embroidered flowers right over the nips and the shaped like a tent. I can handle tent shaping and flowery nips, I just need shrugs, or wraps that cover the boobage and give me a waist. Its so unlike anything else I have, I just want to wear it constantly.

hand embroidered dress

Back of perfect hand embroidery. How perfect can it get?
the back of hand embroidered dress

Here is a flower I made using the technique from Prudence Mapstone's book
freeform flower

8-02-08 006

8-02-08 006
8-02-08 004

bag from addicted2knitting

The books are gorgeous, divine, but in the interests of laziness, I will post them later.

Night all!

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Lindsay said...

That embroidery is lovely. What a fantastic find!