Sunday, August 3, 2008

And the race begins!

Not the Olympics, although you could be easily fooled into thinking so. I'm referring to the Death by hat competition on Woolaholics. Well, the pattern is out I'm using my own black, handspun, which I fear isn't showing off the detail as satisfactorily as I'd like, (pics when my camera battery finishes charging), and as I know I'm going to run out, I hope I have something that makes gauge that shows the detail a little better. I'm also surprised. I normally loathe slouchy hats, as they just aren't 'me'. But this one, I think I could actually wear.

Tooroo! I'm off to knit some slouchy goodness, and attempt to 'kill' someone in the process. For those who think I'm off my rocker and want to know why I'd want to kill someone, check out the rules and how tos of hat wars here.