Monday, August 25, 2008

Old and new

Hey All!

Just a couple of pics from the weekend.


Back story: this is the first hat I ever knitted when I first started knitting (my first knitting book: hip knits by Judith Schwartz, still an awesome book and still in my bookshelf). I'm guessing the yarn is acrylic, and the white stuff I know I found in an opshop. It doesn't cling to my head per say, but I did learn 'decorative decreases' (read: k2tog)


On the school holidays, the only bloke in spinning guild decided to host a weaving workshop, having nothing better to do on the hols, I went. The weaving part was fun, the hauling around the loom part sucked (this thing was huge and lived in my car after I had done as much weaving as I could). This weekend, the bloke decided to show up for more thank 2 seconds, and patiently helped me take this scarf off the loom. Picture time! Look at the pretty colours! And the fact that it needs a bath to relax, and maybe a crocheted edging to cover my beginner's mistakes....

That's all for now!



woolie wombat said...

Sally that scarf is awesome! And you look really cute in that hat makes me wanna hug you!

*hugs* the wombat

Lindsay said...

Ooooh, I love the weaving, and all the patterns. Lovely!

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic work of art!
You have not only beautiful talent, but also lots of patience...
I envy you...