Sunday, August 31, 2008

I may or may not be procrastinating...

Okay I am actually procrastinating. Sadly, I have this horrible habit when I get stressed to dig my heels in and stick my head in the sand. You may discern that this isn't terribly conducive to getting said stressy things out of the road. I'm fighting it, but may or may not needs lots of caffeinated tea to survive the process.

Tea brings me to my next point, which is tea cosies, of which I have a need for, so today whilst I was pretending-not-to-procrastinate-while-I-actually-was I picked out a book I bought a while ago, Wild Tea Cosies Which is written by a Qld'er, and uses commercial and handspun stuff. Love! A bit of research (read: Stalking) and I've found her blog with various physics defying cosies and her flickr stream, which is also a nice slice of awesome. P.S. Loani, if you happen to be reading this stalkerish post, HI!!!!!. So now that

Fortunately I will be starting a crochet cosy soon, for devine providence has provided me with: nearly finishing a super secret project, much thanks to having to be a passenger to some looong car trips yesterday, and the magic combination of stashy handspun, the wild tea cosy book and a craving for teh crochet. I've also been frogging some wips lately, so yay! Cleaner conscience for me!

If you are wondering why I sound even more batty than usual, its because I've had faaar too much strong tea, which does have a tendency to make me a little nuts when confined to small spaces.

Finally, Big news. I am moving to Brisvegas next year. Mum got a much-wanted work transfer there, and unless I want to pay exhorbitant rent on what constitutes my wage, I'll need to move too. Which means major work on spiffing up my qualifications, and applying for jobs and doing two uni subjects whilst working full time. Not entirely sure I'll come out of this gig with my sanity intact, especially while I have the mum is nagging me over stuff, and while she's stressed she's no fun to live with, and while I'm stressed, I'm even less fun to live with. Prepare your bomb shelters people, this could get ugly.

adios for now!

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