Tuesday, November 28, 2006

the day I'd rather forget..

Okay okay I'm one of those nutters that follow that superstition that bad things come in threes. Well, the first two happened at work and due to small factors (like wanting to keep my job) I'm not at liberty to discuss here..but frankly, I knew the third thing was coming.. what would it be: the buses running late? it sucks, yes but it happens all the time.. one incident down, a zillion to go... maybe running out of money while buying more yarn than I need: sucks, but I really had it coming..

I'm knitting jacket in front of the idiot box, and it hits me like a mallet in the back of the skull:


a demonstration on what its SUPPOSED to look like:
please note the ridges, that make this pattern really pretty..

p.s. this is from Patons 'resort knits' I received last year from my 'knows nothing about knitting' mum. awww isn't she great??

Now here is my classic blunder. Please people, for the sake of your own sanity, READ the pattern carefully when you begin, otherwise you might miss important details LIKE THE FREAKING STITCH DETAIL. like I did. Notice the very absent bumps on every fifth row.

the colour is a quite a fuzzy light blue in the real world, but most importantly I draw your attention to very absent bumps (bar the moss stitch border... obviously)

Now for a little randomness, here are some photos I took for yesterday's post , but due to being so damn tired, I present to you: random shots of my hideously messy room: aka creative disorder at its finest!

so this is where my knitting, crochet and and bags and bags of arty farty stuff go.. and you wonder why I'm having trouble finding a crochet hook in one go.. hehe... the next shot is my desk, which is right beside my stash.. so it should be of no suprise that is looks like this:

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