Thursday, November 30, 2006

Things to fight for

Now everyone who knows me would know I am essentially the world's biggest pacifist, I can't stand confrontation, and when it comes to intellectual arguments, you can bet money that they lawyer with real facts in her head is going to kick my arse. But today I have discovered two things worth fighting for.

1. The new Industrial relations laws created by 'wtf?' johnny howard. Well I've been pretty peeved about that for a while, but I saw some union facts from the Queensland Teachers Union about what AWAs would do to a teacher's payscale and thats just downright cruel. Considering the appalling conditions your average teacher has to put up with in first place, basic entitlements and a DECENT PAY is the least the government can do. This is daylight robbery of the worst kind, forget every other scandal parliament has ever gotten its sticky fingers into, this is the worst injustice that anyone could inflict on the australian public. EVERYONE should be charging johnny howard up with deprivation of liberty. Thats right, our basic rights are being stripped away from us, leaving us helpless and bloodied, ready for the sharks out there to rip us to pieces. LETS SUE HOWARD FOR 22 (however many millions) MILLION COUNTS OF DEPRIVATION OF LIBERTY, ABUSE OF POWER, RAPING THE AUSTRALIAN PUBLIC IN THE MOST BRUTAL WAY.

2. The coward's stance that yarn suppliers in Australia are advertising and selling directly to the overseas market, and not to Australia. More details can be found on and the examples that are found on there are just appalling. The comments section is worth a read as people also put valid arguments forward (and I openly plug Crochet Australia and their brilliant service. They deserve all the clients they can get.)

So while I usually shy away from controversy, this time I urge anyone and everyone out there in blogland to fight the good fight and TEACH THE BASTARDS A LESSON.


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