Tuesday, December 5, 2006

long time no blog!

okay so I've been meaning to add an entry since friday, the failure to do so being for a few reasons:

1. I got my new computer on friday!! awesome!
2. I was social. scarily social. I might even get a flikr account so I can upload photos lol.
3. I've been on craftster all day.. and still getting used to this computer.

And to prove to you that old habits die hard... let my show you pics of my new, improved and MESSIER room!

but before I do that, just found this on my favourite blog, web-goddess her hubby found this article and the quote is just fantastic, this of course refers to the newly discovered fact that the polonium 210 that killed the Russian spy (and is in the process of killing another) was sourced in Russia. To understand the logic of the whole thing, click here and found out what the madness is about...

okay so my comp won't upload the pics. maybe tomorrow. grrrr


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