Sunday, December 10, 2006

Great Yarn Diet

hey everyone!

Figured the reason I have no more photos, for at a couple more weeks anyway... my download speed is 400mb. not so sure what the upload speed is, however, due to this new comp going nuts on downloading the greatest and latest of the security updates, the best I can offer is hyperlinks.

so now presenting: the great knitty hyperlink show!

first things first: The winter knitty is up! awesomeness!
Next things next: the vest I am determined to make as a first cables project (imagine this in a really yummy dark burny orange colour), also I have well and truly more yarn than I actually need.. so I may well make this just so I can have a whole matching set.. also I loathe legwarmers (and have no need for them in this climate)

I am also on a: YARN DIET!!!!! *sucks in gut*
Due to the rather alarming size of my stash, a good deal of it Bendigo Woollen Mills, (Has anyone tried Nundle Woollen mills?) the rules of my diet are such:
1. Projects must ONLY use yarn from the stash (lucky me I already have at least 2 projects worth in there)
2. The stashbusting blanket (will post pics when broadband is fast again) will only contain yarn from aforemention stash and will be measured periodically to see if it meets length requirements.
3. Swaps must use yarn from the stash and under VERY extenuating circumstances (like trying out the Nundle Wool Mills.. *cough*) will I buy yarn.

lets see how long this lasts.

Guess what I've been watching while I wile away the hours making stuff for swaps:
give you a clue...
*sings* in Gundarraah, Gundarrah, they say its in Inddiiaaaaa
Answer: MONKEY!!!! so now I keep saying wise Buddha things.. in my head of course, on the offchance that I sound deep and profound.

remember: happiness feeds itself anger feeds on other things... I think.


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Donna said...

If you'd like to try some Nundle, I have a ball of light blue here that you're welcome to! email me at randomknits at gmail dot com

Random Knits