Wednesday, December 20, 2006

So its nearly christmas...

And dear god I have gotten off my bum at least once! My mum has unfortunately come down with the affliction known as 'Wisdom-teeth-outus' and is making for some interesting behaviour at home. My anti-social self has an excuse to be even more antisocial (got to look after mum you know) with my sister coming down to help (marvellous cook, always find things to clean *correction* for me to clean, I may really have to get off my arse yet) . But I'm not really in the talkative mood, however I must say I am ready for christmas (are you??) shopping done?: check. Presents wrapped and under tree?: check. Receipts nearby? check.

Scariness of scary update: my sister has seen the WIP that IS my stashbuster blanket, and wants one by winter next year! thats all well and good, but firstly, SHE HAS A QUEEN BED! and secondly, its taken me about 2 months on and off to make 1.5 strips for my sad single bed. On the other hand, does that mean I get to buy more yarn? I say a very loud YES.

However, some of my extra activities include: going to the opshop (see pics) getting earrings from a swap, sending out last minute hand made gifts (to unknowing family friends) and harrassing the mailman for more presents.

okay so internet is slowed right down again. but I am DETERMINED to post pics. later.

oh by the way we have a winner for the great yarn diet! Will announce tommorrow. am tired. Am getting more tired at the thought of having to do housework (noooo)

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