Saturday, December 16, 2006

Great yarn diet giveaway!!!

Okay so I've just finished Brokeback Mountain, a beautiful sad movie that nearly had me crying, but also thinking and not crying, and also knitting without crying. Firstly I'll tell you about my thinking sans crying. I recently acquired two balls of Bendigo WoollenMills in 8 ply Mystique (75%Wool, 20% mohair 5% alpaca - softest stuff you have ever touched). There weren't quite the colours I wanted and the intended recipient of one of the balls was a total jerk. SO! I am offering one or both balls to the person who writes in and tells me why one or both of these beautiful yarns should live with you. Yarn goes to the funniest person. Remember we are talking about 400m (Each!) of beautiful mohair and alpaca!

Progress on the knitting front too.

From this before the movie:

From that, after the movie. need to measure it (in inches... grrr)

Please note the top pic is the closest to the real colour. but look at the progress!

look what I just discovered! another competition! Vintage KAL - if you can guess the approximate years the patterns were published in, you get a prize! imagine if you had those beautiful needles, with my beautiful yarn (and it is gorgeous!!) oh the possibilities!!

adios future prizewinners!


ikkinlala said...

I would provide a good home for the yarn. It would be kept cozy and comfortable in a nice clean shoebox, checked and admired every day, and, eventually, knit into something special. It would have some other yarn to keep it company, but would not be living in overcrowded conditions and would receive plenty of personalized (yarnalized?) attention.

Plus, hasn't it always wanted to travel to Canada? This is an excellent place for yarn to reach its destiny of keeping somebody warm.

(I sound like I'm trying to adopt a puppy, don't I?)

fitknit said...

Hey, you're on the Gold Coast, too! Yes, I know that's not a funny comment for a competition entry, but really, I can't fit in any more yarn and retain my family.....hmmm....No better not!

Lindsay said...

Because I think it's pretty and I'd like to stroke it. Although now I think this is getting a little too "Of Mice and Men", but I would still love it, and it's less creepy stroking yarn than someone's hair, so I should have the yarn to avoid ending up in creepy situations.