Wednesday, December 13, 2006

the end is in sight!

I of course, refer to the impending end of school year, which, frankly, can't come soon enough. one of the consequences of course is that my brain is seriously ga-ga, to the point that coherent sentences are not an option and well.. I reckon a 3 year old could beat me in brain capacity. I'm ready for the three year old, if you are willing to forgive my complete lack of punctuation.

So I will state simply the things I have been upto/purchased in the past few days.

1. Pining over yarn DESPITE my yarn diet.
This thing will kill me yet. I've been lucky and have always been slim (if underweight) so I have never really had the need to really alter my eating patterns. Unfortunately the same control you need when eating healthily and avoiding the crap is also needed when you accidentally stumble across a yarn website and start thinking.. ohh some hemp would be nice in my stash (I nearly said collection... pick the library tech. lol)

2. Trying to eat healthily.
as above, never been one for diets, but I have noticed I have been a little keen on the 'ol processed foods lately.. oh give me the energy to eat good stuff!!!

3. buying the latest tripod CD
Because everyone is entitled to a little indulgence. Having said that, the second CD was a bit of a rip off.... most of the songs (though performed live... MUST see these guys in concert!) were on their last CD middleborough road. If you do listen to this CD set, you must MUST listen to The Hotdog man. You will laugh (or I'll set the hotdog man onto you!)

4. Sending out swap stuff.
THANK HEAVENS THATS OVER!! While I love the thrill and anticipation of preparing swap packages, doing 3 in one hit as definitely been a contributing factor to sending my brain into ga ga land. Will post pics of those later. having said the whole 'over it' piece, I am glad that 2 packages were sent within Aus. the price difference to send from here to the US is just ridiculous (hello bankruptcy). And then, in my enthusiasm, I have already signed on for another swap. but the goodnews is that sends late Jan, so I have pleeeenty of time to relax, get my brain back.

5. seriously contemplating swatching for boogie.
just because I know I'm going to have to frog that nice blue thing. again. (shall we call that jacket 'the bane of my existence jacket?')

anway I'm absolutely exhausted, I want to sail off into my latest adventure, Treasure Island. You know... the famous one that the muppets made even more huge? well the book is a fun read and best read imagining Tim Curry as Long John Silver. I love a bad villian, especially a piratey one.. arrrr mmmmm

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